Sales & Design

To ensure a great experience with us, it is important we understand our clients’ needs regarding their project. Our experienced team can provide a consultation either in-house at our office or often times, at our clients’ project site.

During the consultation, we can provide any product samples and recommend viable options for your needs. Many times our clients are unsure of what layout or products they require, and the range of options can be overwhelming.

We provide guidance with the design options available for their needs and space to simplify this decision-making process. This also ensures that we can provide an accurate estimate for our clients, which includes factors such as pricing, product availability, and fabrication timelines.


Our expert project management team coordinates all project specifics, timelines, ordering and pricing with our clients

from start to finish.

Project Management

Once we receive approval from our client(s) to start their project, we transition into full project management. We ensure all necessary shop drawings and layouts are approved before material orders are placed.

Once those items are confirmed, we place all material orders and confirm timelines on those orders to our client(s) to ensure all parties involved are aware. We also account for any manufacturing we are looking after in-house, and ensure our timeline matches with all supplied goods so that there are no delays.


We can coordinate all product shipments both manufactured and supplied. For all manufactured products completed in-house, we will look after all packaging and loading for transport.

In some cases, we will incorporate loading supplied products in the same shipment as our manufactured products, or we will coordinate direct shipment to site from our supplier.

Let us look after the installation

We can look after all installation of the products we manufacture and supply. In most cases, letting UNCI handle the install is to the clients benefit as it ensures the products are installed properly and it also takes away the hassle for our clients to feel they have to do it themselves or hire another contractor.

Since we try and have our products as pre-fabricated as possible, it minimizes our time onsite for installation and reduces delays in the process.


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